NOTICE: RHB Premier Smart Campaign

Dear Valued Customers,

Kindly be informed that Premier CA/-i customers who have registered for the ‘RHB Premier Smart Campaign’ and are also active participants in ‘RHB 2.88% p.a. Peak Opportunity Campaign’, may only participate in one (1) campaign at any given time.

As such, eligible customers will automatically be defaulted to ‘RHB 2.88% p.a. Peak Opportunity Campaign’, given the higher returns offered.

Upon completion of the ‘RHB 2.88% p.a. Peak Opportunity Campaign’, eligible customers will then be automatically onboarded to the ‘RHB Premier Smart Campaign’, ending in May 2022. These eligible customers will receive an acknowledgement message from RHB in the month that they are onboarded onto the ‘RHB Premier Smart Campaign’.

For more details, please refer to our Terms and Conditions for 'RHB Premier Smart Campaign’ here.

Thank you