Safe Haven

  • Precious Metals have been considered as an ideal hedge for financial market risks.

Hedge against inflation

  • Precious metals offer unique inflationary protection—they have intrinsic value, they carry no credit risk and cannot be inflated.

Product Diversification

  • Investing in precious metals diversifies your portfolio and helps keep a healthy balance between physical assets and stock assets while maintaining the portfolio’s value even in crisis times.

Precious Metals provide excellent liquidity

  • Easiest assets for everyday investors to buy and sell via RHB Online Banking at your convenience.


  • Precious metals have tremendous upside price appreciation potential and an attractive alternative for investors looking for more long-term investment approach.

No worries about storage and insurance cost

  • Paper gold and silver investments keep away your worries about storage. Storing physical gold at home will drive up your home contents insurance and additional cost.

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Here’s how to purchase Precious Metals via RHB Now Internet Banking


Visit any RHB Branch to open an account

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For details please refer to Product Disclosure Sheet, alternatively please talk to your relationship manager or visit the nearest RHB Branch.

Where do I start?

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The returns of RHB's MCA Precious Metals Investment are subject to Gold and Silver price fluctuation. Customers are advised to read and understand the product disclosure sheet before making any investment. MCA Gold Investment and MCA Silver Investment are not protected by PIDM.

What is RHB Multi Currency Account (MCA) Precious Metals Investment?
The RHB MCA Precious Metals Investment basically allows company or Individual to invest in paper form of precious metals that is Gold and Silver. These precious metals investments will be managed under the current RHB MCA. With RHB MCA, customers can now invest in Gold and/or Silver alongside 17 foreign currency deposits, making RHB MCA truly a diversified "one account".
What are the salient features of RHB MCA Precious Metals Investment?
  • Ideal for residents and non-residents
  • For companies or individuals
  • Simple Over-the-Counter application
  • Affordable as we calibrate the US dollar Gold and Silver market in ounces into smaller grams in Ringgit investment. Please click on Precious Metals Exchange Rate offered by RHB
  • Flexible initial purchase and subsequent investment: - Gold: Individual – 5 grams; Company – 50 grams - Silver: Individual – 300 grams; Company – 1,000 grams
  • Company & Individual MCA can now be used to invest in Gold and/or Silver with no minimum or maximum limit to be maintained in the MCA Account
  • Consolidated monthly statement
  • Convenient balance checking at your finger tips via RHB Now Internet and Mobile Banking
What are my benefits of investing in RHB MCA Precious Metals Investment?
  • Potential higher returns from appreciating Gold and Silver prices
  • Best possible hedges against inflation
  • Competitive Gold and Silver exchange prices quoted by RHB
  • Resolve physical Gold and Silver storage and insurance requirements
  • Affordable avenue for investment portfolio building and diversification
  • No withholding tax and brokerage fee
I am an existing MCA account holder, how should I start investing and what should I do?
You can start investing immediately by visiting your RHB domicile branch. Same procedures apply as buying US Dollars and depositing into your Multi Currency Account.
I am interested to invest in Precious Metals i.e. Gold and/or Silver but have no account with RHB, what should I do?

Visit any RHB Bank branch nationwide to open a Multi Currency Account and a Ringgit Savings or Current Account. Once these accounts are activated, you can start investing in Gold and/or Silver as well as in 17 types of foreign currencies below:

USDUS Dollar
JPYJapanese Yen
GBPPound Sterling
AUDAustralian Dollar
HKDHong Kong Dollar
SGDSingapore Dollar
CHFSwiss Franc
CADCanadian Dollar
NZDNew Zealand Dollar
ZARSouth African Rand
THBThailand Baht
IDRIndonesia Rupiah
AEDArab Emirates Dirham
SARSaudi Riyal
CNYChinese Renminbi
BNDBrunei Dollar
Am I subject to any fees and/or charges?
  • Account Opening
    Minimum initial investment
    - Gold: Individual – 5 grams; Companies – 50 grams
    - Silver: Individual – 300 grams; Companies – 1,000 grams


    Minimum initial deposit
    - Any preferred of the 17 currencies offered equivalent to: Individual – USD 1,000.00; Companies – USD 5,000.00
  • Monthly/Yearly Maintenance
  • Minimum Balance
  • Conversion Gold and/or Silver to/from RM
Can I withdraw my Precious Metals Investments in physical form from the MCA Account?
No. Physical conversion of Gold and Silver from your MCA is not available. Any deposit or withdrawal of Gold and Silver must be converted from or to your Ringgit account.
Is my Precious Metals Investment insured under PIDM?
Your Precious Metals Investment i.e. Gold and Silver balance is not insured under PIDM.
Is Precious Metals Investment principal protected?
  • No, it is not principal protected as an investment in precious metal is purely buying and selling based on daily precious metal pricing
  • However, in due time, we will be offering Gold structured product that is principal protected with good interest return
What are major factors that a precious metal investor should be aware of?
  • Daily fluctuation of precious metal prices due to international and local precious metal market conditions
  • Performance of the US dollar exchange rate against Ringgit, as precious metals are predominantly quoted in US dollars
  • International and local news that are directly or indirectly related to the precious metal market that results in investors being either bullish or bearish in precious metal holding
  • Most importantly, Bank Negara Malaysia's foreign exchange administrative rules in the tightening or liberalization of policies related to precious metal investment and foreign exchange in general
Product Disclosure Sheet