In these trying times, RHB stands ready to help your business
Since our inception, we have stood by Malaysian businesses through good and bad times. Besides keeping your business up and running with BizPower Relief Financing and moratorium, we are also initiating digitisation plans to help you meet the challenges of the new normal and to ensure that everything you’ve worked hard for…has a future.
What is StoreHub?
A business partner with RHB, StoreHub offers a cloud-based retail management system that empowers businesses to run their own delivery services. With Beep by StoreHub, retail and F&B businesses can do away with clunky cash registers and use iPad point-of-sale system.
Enjoy exclusive delivery deal with Beep by StoreHub
Run your own delivery services! With your website link, customers get to browse your menu and order food, key in their delivery address, pay via credit card, online banking or e-wallets and choose between self-pickup or delivery.
only rm199/month
for RHB customers
(Includes access to StoreHub software and Beep Delivery privileges. Normal Retail Price: RM249/month)
only rm225/month
for non-RHB customers
(Includes access to StoreHub software and Beep Delivery privileges. Normal Retail Price: RM249/month)
*Only available during the
campaign period from
20 May 2020 to 20 August 2020.
Why opt for Beep by StoreHub?
Dine-in Restrictions
With the lack of dine-in customers during MCO, you need to turn to food delivery services to keep business running.
The New Normal
After the MCO, social distancing will become the norm and everything from shopping to ordering food will be done via delivery services.
Here’s how much you save with Beep by StoreHub
The following illustration will help you understand the cost differences between signing up with other food delivery services versus Beep by StoreHub.
Case Scenario:
When you have a monthly revenue of: RM20,000.
Other Food Delivery Services
Cost charged to owners:
on revenue
Beep by StoreHub
Cost charged to owners:
Only 2%
Service Charge (RM400) +
Advance Charge (RM199)
savings up to 91%!
Save as much as RM6,401/
month or RM76,812/year.
We’re here with you every step of the way.
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