RHB BizPower SME Property Loan


If you need to purchase a new site for your
business, a proper financing edge will help you
to upgrade and accomplish the goals that you
have set.


RHB BizPower SME Property Loan offers property financing and extra
working capital for your additional business needs. Simply put, we will allow
you to borrow above and beyond the value of your property so that you will
have more funds to work with.

Giving your business all the space it
needs to expand and grow

Retail owner


Financing starts at RM100,000 and goes up to RM10 million.
Up to 90% margin of finance.
Financing tenure of up to 25 years, depending on the type of property.
Additional working capital (funds) will be offered in the form of Term Loan or Overdraft.

Start building better property with

RHB BizPower SME Property Loan


Barista making coffee

RHB Reflex Premium Plus
helps to build better business efficiency.

As your ally, helping you grow your business to new heights is our top priority. With RHB Reflex Premium Plus, we’ll sort out your financial, sales, accounting, people management and other processes so you can focus on giving your business your all.

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View real-time banking balance and make payment directly from Financio then automated reconciliation to RHB Reflex.


Kakitangan/Talenox works via RHB Reflex Premium Plus to manage leave, payroll and statutory payments.


Take credit card payments on the go via MPOS where the collections are directly linked to your Business Current Account.

Eligibility Requirements

  • Sole proprietorship, partnership and private limited companies.
  • Locally incorporated businesses that have been registered in Malaysia.
  • Businesses that have been operating for at least 2 years.
  • At least 50% of the business should be owned by the management team.

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Protected by PIDM up to RM250,000 for each depositor. Click here for PIDM’s DIS brochure.