Auto Balance Conversion

Pay off your credit card outstanding balances faster at a lower rate by converting your outstanding amount into manageable fixed monthly payments.


Lower rate

Lower rate

A lower rate at 13% p.a. compared to 15% - 18% p.a. on your credit card unpaid balances
Hassle-free conversion

Hassle-free conversion

Your outstanding statement balances will be converted upon meeting eligibility criteria (annual assessment)
No termination fee

No termination fee

Flexibility to early settle your instalment plan with no additional fee
Flexibility to opt out

Flexibility to opt out

Opt out from each conversion offer as a choice
No processing

No processing

No processing fee on the conversion



  • Eligible customer will be given advance notice prior to being enrolled into the programme.
  • Your outstanding credit card balances will be converted into 36 monthly instalments
  • Balances will be converted at 13% p.a. (effective interest rate)
  • Minimum convertible amount is RM1,000

Note: The amount converted will be booked on your existing credit card limit. Each monthly instalment you pay will incrementally restore your available credit limit or in full once the Auto Balance Conversion is fully repaid.



  • Nationality: Malaysian
  • Annual income: Less or equal RM60,000 (note that this refers to the latest verified income as per RHB Bank’s record)
  • Payment history: Payment ratio less or equal 10% (previous 12 months’ average)
  • Payment ratio = total payment / total statement balance (previous 12 months)
  • Your card account is current and not delinquent

Note: You will not qualify for future Auto Balance Conversion if your annual income is above RM60,000. You will continue to pay down any outstanding instalment from earlier converted balances. Please update RHB Bank on any changes to your annual income.

How it works


  • Upon enrolment for this programme, your credit card outstanding balance will be assessed after payment due date and converted into 36 monthly instalments upon meeting the eligibility criteria every 12 months.
  • You will be auto-enrolled for this program upon meeting the Eligibility Criteria above. You will be notified on this enrolment if you are eligible, and may opt out via SMS.

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