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Whom you choose to work with today will determine your level of greatness in the future. Get connected to the major player in the Malaysian Insurance market, RHB Insurance, and we will make it our priority to train you to pick up fresh perspectives on how to serve customers professionally and be a leader in the insurance field. 

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RHB Insurance Berhad has grown from strength to strength, offering tailor-made solutions for a vast range of clientele. Our portfolio of services ranges from personalised products to industrial and project insurance. It all began with the acquisition of the National Employers’ Mutual General Insurance Association Limited by DCB Insurance Berhad on 1 June 1979.

Today, more than four decades of experience has made RHB Insurance a niche player in the local general insurance industry. This is mainly due to our impressive claims settlement records with Electronic Claims Management System (CMS) and fast inquiries turnaround.

As a member of RHB Group of Companies, one of the largest integrated financial services groups in Malaysia, RHB Insurance enjoys a far-reaching group network and an extensive resource pool. All are geared to offer a comprehensive range of general insurance and products that provides better protection and peace of mind.

RHB Insurance Berhad is one of the only 5 General Insurers that are majority owned and managed by Malaysians. RHB Insurance’s commitment to excellence is further underlined by the strength of its financial performance. Amongst the Industry’s Best in Q4, 2022 where we ranked Top 11 by Gross Written Premium.

RHB Insurance is licensed by Bank Negara to underwrite all classes of general insurance, including:

  • Property Insurance
  • Personalised Insurance
  • Automobile Insurance
  • Marine & Transit Insurance
  • Liability Insurance
  • Engineering Insurance
  • Pecuniary Insurance


RHB Insurance also offers other value added services, including:


  • RHB Auto Assist Programme
  • RHB Home Assist Programme
  • RHB Property Insurance Calculator
  • RHB Motor Valuation Guide
  • Foreign Exchange Administration (for premium discounts)
  • Risk Management Performance Evaluation Programme
  • Property Valuation (for Insurance purposes only)
  • Geotechnical Inspection Programme
  • Emergency Response Procedures
  • Security Analysis Inspection Programme
  • Other Services - Training & Workshops
  • Dilapidation Surveys
  • Project Monitoring Surveys
  • Loss Mitigation/Risk Improvement Programme


RHB Insurance is providing its range of products and services in a wide distribution channels:

  • 15 Branches nationwide including HQ
  • Over 500 staff force in Malaysia
  • Over 2,000 agents
  • All major brokers
  • 700 POS Malaysia Branches

  • 200 RHB Bank branches
  • 400 Personal bankers
  • 1,000 Sales Consultants
  • 25 Auto Finance Centres
  • 30 CBBCs
  • Over 100+ Relationship Managers

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Why should you consider selling insurance?


An insurance agent, be it part time or full time, can be a very rewarding career position. You can build up your agency into a profitable business venture or company.

From numerous success stories, many established agents earned respectable incomes on a part-time basis. As their circle of contracts and refers expanded, their business also grew, some beyond their expectations.

Thus, from an initial supplementary income, it has grown to be their main earner, some even earning tens of thousands a month.

If you enjoy meeting new people and expanding your circle of friends and associates, then this career path can be a rewarding one for you.

Agency training and development

To improve your knowledge on insurance products, we have scheduled monthly training for agents, throughout the year. Apart from product knowledge, we will organize field trips as well as provide training to improve your soft skills to enhance your selling skills.

Year-round training will assist in your compliance with the 20 hours Continuing Professional Development requirement of Persatuan Insurans Am Malaysia (PIAM). We also have joint marketing efforts with agents to develop and secure business for agents’ benefits.

How do you become an RHB Insurance Berhad’s General Insurance Agent?

The basic requirements of becoming a general insurance agent is that the applicant must be at least 18 years old.

Applicant must pass and hold a Pre-Contract Examination for Insurance Agents (PCEIA) certificate from the Malaysian Insurance Institute. The examination is available in English and Chinese languages and may be taken via written exam or electronically. Study of a textbook on basic insurance knowledge is necessary.

Interested candidates can request his prospective insurers to assist in arranging the examination.

Candidates who do not wish to sit for the examination but possess any of the following qualifications may be exempted and can register as an agent.

List of Qualifications for Exemption under Regulation 7 of GIARR:

  • Associate Malaysian Insurance Institute (AMII)
  • Diploma of the Malaysian Insurance Institute
  • Associate Australian Insurance Institute (AAII)
  • Associate Chartered Insurance Institute (ACII)
  • Foundation Course in General Insurance (Malaysian Insurance Institute)
  • Compact General Insurance Agent Course (Malaysian Insurance Institute)
  • Intermediate Course in General Insurance (Malaysian Insurance Institute)
  • Insurance Executive Development (IED)
  • Institute Teknologi MARA (ITM) Course in Insurance
  • Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM) Course in Insurance
  • Universiti Malaya (UM) Course in Insurance
  • General Insurance Training Course for Agents (Malaysian Insurance Institute)
  • Intensive Course for General Insurance Agents (Malaysian Insurance Institute)
  • First Course in General Insurance (Malaysian Insurance Institute)
  • Certificate of 3rd General Insurance Training Course for Agents (Institut Teknologi MARA)
  • Diploma in Life / General Insurance (Australian Insurance Institute)
  • Chartered Insurance Institute Certificate of Proficiency (London School of Insurance)
  • Associate Insurance Institute of Canada (AIIC)
  • Diploma in Business Studies - Major in Insurance (Institute Teknologi MARA)
  • Certificate of Insurance (Bombay College of Insurance)
  • General Course in Insurance (28/4/80 to 6/6/80) (Chartered Insurance Institute College of Insurance, United Kingdom)
  • Kursus Pengurusan Risiko dan Insuran (Universiti Malaya)
  • Basic Course in General Insurance (Swiss Insurance Training Center, Zurich)
  • Certificate in General Insurance Examination (Singapore Insurance Institute)
  • Diploma in Actuarial Science in MARA
  • Degree or Master of Science by University of Connecticut


Source: General Insurance Agents Registration Regulation (GIARR)


Agency Application & PIAM Application for GIARR

Complete and submit the forms together with the relevant documents according to the type of applicant as shown below.

Contact our nearest RHB Insurance branch to obtain the “Application for Agency and PIAM Form”.

 Document/Information -  to be completed/submitted by Prospective Agent  Sole-Proprietor Partnership  Sdn Bhd / OTH   Financial Advisor 
 Registration Fee (Provide copy of Bank in slip) ✓   
 Agency Agreement - complete 2 sets (signed by Agent and Witness  - to affix Business Rubber Stamp)

✓  ✓ 
 PIAM Application/Declaration Observance ✓  ✓  ✓   
 Letter of Undertaking (include Co. Seal, Photocopy NRIC of Directors & Witness - to affix Co. Rubber Stamp)       ✓ 
 Anti-Bribery & Corruption Declaration (ABC form) ✓  ✓  ✓  ✓ 
 Authorization Form to Perform Reference Checks (e.g. Credit - CTOS) to be signed by all
 RHBI - Agency Application Form (submit original form)
 PDPA Privacy Notice for Insurance Agent
 Photocopy of MII certificate/result slip of Agent/Corporate Nominee

 Photocopy of education result slip of Agent/Corporate Nominee (min. SPM with 5 passes)

 Photocopy NRIC of Agent/Corporate Nominee (front & back of NRIC on the same page of A4-size paper)
 Borang A, B/D (Business Registration) - Complete SSM documentation with corporate information
 Borang 24, 49 / Sec 58 and Borang 32A / Sec 51 (shareholders' details)  
 Borang 9 / Borang 13  
 Resolution by Board (include Co. Seal, Photocopy NRIC of Directors and certified by Co. Secretary)    
 Company Memorandum of Association    
 Bank Negara Malaysia Approval Letter (License)      

 Document/Information -  to be completed/submitted by RHB Marketer  Sole-Proprietor  Partnership  Sdn Bhd / OTH  Financial Advisor
 Checklist for Agency Application
✓  ✓  ✓ 
 Agency Recruitment Evaluation Form
 Registration Fee (Official Receipt)
 Risk Acceptance Limits for Agent (signed by Regional/Branch Manager)
 Anti-Money Laundering (AML) screening
  • Not Compulsory