Takaful myLife Enriched


Takaful myLife Enriched is a flexible, regular contribution Takaful plan
that lets you design your protection according to your priorities.

With a range of additional benefits to choose from, including Medical,
Critical Illness, Contribution Waiver, Accidental, and more, you can
build a plan that accommodates your unique financial situation.

Why Takaful myLife Enriched?

Live life to the fullest while staying protected against the unexpected with Takaful myLife Enriched. Here are five reasons why you should participate in this plan:


  1. Comprehensive coverage:
    Takaful myLife Enriched provides a comprehensive plan against Death, Total and Permanent Disability (TPD), Critical Illness, Medical, and many more unexpected events that can impact your life and finances.
  2. Customizable protection:
    You can customize your protection according to your priority and unique needs. Our plan lets you tailor your benefits and coverage to ensure you get exactly what you need.
  3. Legacy for your loved ones:
    Ensure your loved ones' financial security even in your absence. With Hibah Takaful, your loved ones that you name as beneficiaries will receive the death benefits without going through prolonged inheritance procedures like Fara’id Law or Distribution Act (for non-Muslims).
  4. Wealth optimization:
    By participating in Takaful myLife Enriched, you'll enjoy potentially higher returns on your investments through mySaver rider, helping you to optimize your wealth.
  5. Rewards for your children:
    Takaful myLife Enriched offers rewards for your children's educational excellence, making it a plan that not only offers financial security but also encourages academic achievement.



Optional Benefits
You may attach as many additional benefits as you want according to your priority.


  1. Medical
    Focus on your recovery and let us manage medical costs including hospitalisation and surgery costs when you attach:
    • myMedic
    • myHospital Cash

  2. Critical Illness (CI)
    Nowadays, CI is common. When you have been diagnosed with any one of 48 CI, we will pay the sum covered to you. So, save your money to pay for the treatments and procedures when you attach:
    • myCritical Illness
    • myMultipay Critical Illness

    Please note that 48 CI includes Angioplasty and Other Invasive Treatments for Coronary Artery Disease, but this condition is not applicable for myMultiPay Critical Illness, myWaiver, and myPayor Plus.

  3. Personal Accident
    If you are involved in an accident that causes disability or death, the agreed percentage of the sum covered will be paid to you or your beneficiary when you attach:
    • myPA
    • myIhram

  4. Savings
    Boost your savings and investment when you attach mySaver.
    For as low as RM10/month, you can decide the allocation percentage for these existing Investment-Linked Funds:
    • myBalanced Fund
    • myBlue Chips Fund
    • myDividend Fund
    • myEquity Index Fund
    • myGrowth Fund

  5. Contribution Waiver
    Your coverage will remain active until maturity and you do not have to pay for your contribution when you have been diagnosed with any one of the 47 CI or confirmed TPD when you attach:
    • myWaiver
    • myPayor
    • myPayor Plus

If you participate in Takaful myLife Enriched for your spouse or children, you don’t have to worry about their coverage if you attach the same additional benefits in the event of your death.


Product Information

Entry Age

Person Covered:

Minimum age: 14 days old

Maximum age: 70 years old


If you are participating in this plan for your spouse or children, your age must be 19 years old and above.


Note: The age above is referring to Age Next Birthday (ANB).

Contribution Payment Term
Regular pay until Maturity
Contribution Payment Mode
Yearly, semi-annually, quarterly or monthly.
Coverage Term Expiry up to age 25 (for child), 60, 70 or 80 years old.
Minimum Basic Sum Covered (RM)
Maximum Basic Sum Covered (RM) No limit, subject to underwriting.
For more information on Takaful myLife Enriched, please refer to:

Product Disclosure Sheet

Participate today and experience peace of mind knowing you and your loved ones are protected against unexpected events, while enjoying the rewards of financial planning.

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