More than 200 RHB-POS Malaysia Agent
Banking outlets are available nationwide


Established since 2011, RHB Bank partnership with POS Malaysia as our sole banking agent has enabled us to extend our banking services to our customers nationwide by providing an alternative channel for them to perform banking transactions without having to go to our branch.

Through POS Malaysia’s extensive network in Malaysia, we have established our agent banking services at 295 RHB-POS Malaysia outlets as of September 2023.

Banking transaction types and limits

 Transaction Account Types  Transaction Limit 
 Cash Deposit  Saving and Current account  Maximum RM10,000 per account daily
 Cash Withdrawal  Saving and Current account
 Maximum RM5,000 per account daily

 Funds transfer

(intra RHB accounts only)

 Loan/Financing repayments
  • Housing Loan / Home Financing
  • Personal Loan / Financing
  • ASB Loan /  ASB Financing (CMTF-i)
  • Hire Purchase Loans / Financing
  • Credit Card/-i
  • Industry Hire Purchase Loans /  Financing
  • Leasing
No limit

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