Credit Card Repayment Calculator 

Let us help you figure out how long does it take to clear the outstanding balance on your credit card and total interest charged.
Outstanding Balance (RM)
Minimum Payment Rate
Prevailing Interest Rate
Total Interest Charged (RM)
RM 1,000
Expected tenure to pay off the balance:
  • This calculator serve as an indicative illustration in assisting cardmember to compute the length of time needed to fully settle credit card outstanding balances based on different repayment amounts.
  • Illustration above is based on the following assumptions: Current balance consists of retail transactions only and with no new purchases made. Interest rate is p.a. Number of days in a month is 30 and repayment is made on due date. Minimum due amount excludes any previous month overdue amount.
  • If you continue to make the monthly minimum payment, your total interest payable will increase and it will take you longer to pay off this debt.