Retail Bond

Bonds are in a simple terms an IOU issued by either companies or governments to borrow money from you. And like most IOUs, they will come with a promise or guarantee of the amount and time they will pay interest on the amount you lend them.

You can trade, buy and sell Bonds when you are looking to manage your investment portfolio, which makes this one of the more interesting investment products.

Due to its relatively lower volatility compared to equities, bonds can add stability and diversity to your portfolio.

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Retail Bond is not a principal guaranteed product. The holder of the investment is assuming the credit risk of the issuer of the investment. In the event of winding up, liquidation or rating downgrade of the issuer of the investment or if you sell the investment prior to maturity, you will suffer a potential capital loss. Investor should obtain, read and understand the Product Highlight Sheet of the Retail Bond carefully before you make a decision to acquire the product. All information provided in this document is general and does not take into account of your individual objectives, financial situation or specific needs. The printed copy of Product Disclosure Sheet is available at RHB branches/Premier Centre and investors have the right to request for a Product Disclosure Sheet.