Time for you to be anti-fraud

Fraud Awareness

Scams have unfortunately become more widespread in today’s world. Even the most cautious person has fallen victim to unscrupulous criminals who appear to be everywhere.

Today, fraud is on the rise.

‘To ensure a peace of mind for you and your family members, RHB is increasing our efforts to help you become more aware of the scam and fraud schemes employed by fraudsters today. In this regard, RHB continues to provide updated information of the many fraud schemes reported online and best practices for your online banking safety’.

Take all 3 of our quizzes to test your knowledge on Fraud and get insights on how you can improve your safety online.

Quiz 1: Fraud

Get in-depth knowledge on fraud and learn from real life cases through this quiz. It’s a simple and interactive way for you to stay prepared against online fraudsters.

Quiz takes 5 minutes to complete

Quiz 2: Scam

Real life cases and examples for you to test your knowledge on scams. A fun and interactive quiz to help you remember the steps towards online safety.

Quiz takes 5 minutes to complete

Quiz 3: Credit Card Fraud

Think you have good credit card habits? Test your knowledge while learning about tips and important advice to give you extra security when using credit cards.

Quiz takes 5 minutes to complete