Fund Transfer

RHB Now helps you transfer money within the same bank or to a different bank or in a convenient & secure environment. You can remit loans, repay hire purchase and do so much more with ease. Enjoy hassle free transactions when transferring funds to:

  • Your other RHB Bank accounts including MCA account
  • A third party account in RHB Bank
  • An account in another bank via Interbank GIRO (IBG) or DuitNow - Pay to Account
  • A third party via PayPal
  • FD Placement
  • FD Upliftment
  • Purchase bank cheque in the form of Payment Order
  • A beneficiary residing overseas via Foreign Telegraphic Transfer (TT) or Western Union online

Interbank GIRO (IBG)

Allows you to transfer funds between your own RHB accounts, third party RHB accounts or to any participating bank accounts via Interbank GIRO. RHB Bank's Interbank GIRO (IBG) lets you transfer up to RM50,000 per day from your RHB Bank account to an account in any bank listed in Fund Transfer Type.

DuitNow - Pay to Account

You may transfer funds immediately using DuitNow - Pay to Account. Funds will be sent immediately to the recipient's account upon confirmation. Maximum limit for DuitNow - Pay to Account is RM50,000 per day. DuitNow - Pay to Account is applicable to selected MEPS (Malaysian Electronic Payment System) participating banks.

Step-by-step guide to Transfer Funds:

How to Transfer Funds
Step 1 Login to RHB Bank Internet Banking. Enroll now if you have not enjoyed the ease of controlling your finances as an RHB Internet Banking user.
Step 2 Go to 'Fund Transfer', then select a Fund Transfer services available -
1. Transfer to Own Account
2. Transfer to Other RHB Account
3. Transfer to Other Bank Account (IBG)
4. DuitNow - Pay to Account
5. Send Money via PayPal
6. FD/ Multi Currency Account Placement
7. Payment Order
8. Foreign Telegraphic Transfer.
9. Western Union
Add new beneficiary account to your favourite list for easy future transfers. You can also make a one-time transfer to your beneficiary via 'Open Transfer' option.
Step 3 Key-in the necessary transfer details and confirm your transaction details. To add new beneficiary account or make a one-time transfer, you will be required to key-in a One Time Password and mutual authenticate the security code sent to your registered mobile number before your transaction is being processed.
Step 4 Upon successful transaction, you'll receive a reference no. with a summary of your transaction. Print your online receipt or copy the transaction reference number for your records.

Transfer Charges & Schedule

Transfer Charge
Items Transfer Type
IBG DuitNow - Pay to acount
Transfer Charges (RM per transaction) RM0.00 RM0.00


Transfer Schedule
Transfer Day Transfer Time Funds Available at Beneficiary Bank* Refund for IBG Unsuccessful Transactions
IBG DuitNow - Pay to Account
Monday - Friday Before 5.00am By 11.00am Same Day Immediate By 5.00pm
5.01am - 8.00am By 2.00pm By 8.20pm
8.01am - 11.00am By 5.00pm By 11.00pm
11.01am - 2.00pm By 8.20pm By 11.00am, next business day
2.01pm - 5.00pm By 11.00pm
After 5.00pm By 11.00am Next Business Day By 5.00pm, next business day
Saturday,Sunday, Federal Territory Public Holiday Anytime Next Business Day Immediate By 5.00pm, next business day

* Under normal circumstances.


  • Beneficiary’s ID is optional. Should you require the Beneficiary’s ID to be validated at the beneficiary’s bank to avoid the crediting of funds to the wrong beneficiary, please enter the Beneficiary’s ID type & number as per maintained at the beneficiary’s bank.
  • Recipient Reference - A reference to your recipient which can be your invoice/bill no., insurance policy no., car registration no. This reference will be appeared in your and payee’s statement.
  • Other Payment Details - Describe the purpose or other info related to your payment (eg. Jan 14 loan payment). This detail will be appeared in your and payee’s statement.
  • Payer’s Name will appear in payee’s statement.

Applicable for all IBG payments and funds transfer to current accounts & savings accounts. Except for Bank Muamalat, where funds are credited after 6pm if payments initiated up to and including 12.30pm.

For loan and credit card payments initiated up to and including 12.30pm on Business Days, funds will be available in the beneficiary´s account before 12 midnight on the same day.