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Access To Claims Portal

Submit and check the status of your claims via the portal. Check out our guides below for more information:

Motor claims portal guide
Non-motor claims portal guide
Claims portal - FAQ



Claims Guide and Form



Roadside Assistance Programme

As a comprehensive private motor insurance policyholder of RHB Insurance, you will automatically be enrolled as a member of the RHB Insurance Roadside Assistance Programme. The benefits of this programme are as follows:

  • 24/7 Emergency Roadside Assistance. Call our helpline: 1300 880 881
  • Free towing service
  • Up to 3 months warranty for all repairs carried out by our panel repairers
  • Nationwide coverage
  • Breakdown assistance arising from an accident or non-accident such as change of battery/tyre, fuel delivery, jump start and many other services


RHB Insurance also offers other value added services, including:



Building Cost Calculator

A guide to assist you in determining the estimated sums to be insured for residential properties, simple shop houses and shop offices. Please note that it is not a substitute for professional advice to be obtained.



Mode of Payment

Over the counter

Visit our nearest branches. Check out our branch directory here

Credit Card

Visa and Master Card are accepted

Debit Card

Arrange to have your premium automatically debited from your debit card whenever your premium is due


A national online bill payment initiative by Bank Negara Malaysia, JomPAY creates an accessible and inclusive bill payment eco-system for consumers, banks and billers.

3 steps to pay with JomPAY:

Step 1:  Contact Details – enter your mobile number and email address, and an OTP via SMS will be sent to you for verification purposes.

Step 2:  Verify your Identity – scan the front and back of your MyKad.

Step 3:  RHB Online ID Creation – create your login credentials and register for RHB Online Banking.



Note: Please send us the JomPAY acknowledge receipt to RHB Insurance branches.



Other Forms
Nomination form

Nomination form

Any policy owner who has attained the age of sixteen (16) years may nominate a natural person to receive policy monies payable under his personal accident policy upon his death.

To nominate a nominee, please fill in this form.
Change of Insurance details request form

Change of Insurance details request form