Term Financing-i Collateralized by ASB Certificate

Maximise your future savings – pledge your ASB certificate for Term Financing-i and enjoy a better rate.

Eligibility & Benefits

You can start growing your wealth now and achieve your financial goals faster with financing amounts starting from as low as RM20,000 (maximum RM200,000).
Malaysian Bumiputera
18 years old and above AND no more than 60 years old at the time of application.
Affordable Payment
Starting from as low as RM97.00* per month.

*Note : As per prevailing rates
Easy Approval & Disbursement
Hassle-free application and disbursement of financing to your account.
Flexible Financing Tenure
Financing tenure up to 40 years or up to age 70.
Low Financing Rate
Enjoy low rate starting from as low as 4.50%
Convenient Payment Method
You can choose self-payment or auto debit instruction.

Term Financing-i (ASB) Financial Calculator

Easily determine your estimated monthly payment amount with our financial calculator.
Financing Amount (RM)
TF-i (ASB) Profit Rate (%)
Financing Tenure (Months)
Monthly Instalment
Monthly Instalment
The above payment schedule is only for illustration purposes. The payment amount and profit charges applicable to the financing facilities are deemed accurate on the assumption that the profit rates remain unchanged. The payment amount illustrated is based on the profit rates that take effect at the time the Letter of Offer is executed. The actual payment may be different than the amount shown in the schedule in the event the profit rate changes during the tenure of the financing facility.

Comparison Between Term Financing-i (ASB) vs ASB Cash Investment

Do you know you can optimise your investment allocation in Term Financing-i (ASB) in comparison with ASB Cash investment?
Investment Method ASB Cash Investment (RM) Term Financing-i (ASB) (RM)
Monthly Investment 97.00 97.00
Annual Investment Amount 1,164.00 20,000.00
Annual Dividend
53.54 920.00
Calculation on monthly investment for Term Financing-i (ASB) is based on financing amount of RM20,000 for 40 years tenure.
Dividend calculation is based on ASB Financial Year Ending 31 December 2022.

Other Features You Want to Know

Investment Method Term Financing-i (ASB)
Financing Rates
New To Bank Customer, Existing To Bank Customer & Anti-Attrition
Inclusive GRTT
  • Minimum RM20,000 to RM39,000 : SBRI + 2.00 i.e. 5.00%
  • RM40,000 to RM200,000 : SBRI + 1.50% i.e. 4.50%
New To Bank Customer, Existing To Bank Customer & Anti-Attrition
Non Inclusive GRTT
  • Minimum RM20,000 to RM39,000 : SBRI + 2.05 i.e. 5.05%
  • RM40,000 to RM200,000:SBRI + 1.55% i.e. 4.55%
Financing Tenure
Term Financing
Minimum: 5 years
Maximum: 40 years or up to age 70; whichever is earlier, subject to entry age of 60 years old
Financing Amount
Term Financing
Minimum: RM 20,000
Maximum: RM 200,000 or up to maximum investment limit determined by ASNB/PNB
GRTT (optional)
Mode Of Payment
Standing Instruction/Self Service Terminals/Internet Banking
Documents Required
  • Photocopy of identity card
Income Documentation by Employment Type Salaried Earners
  • Latest three (3) months salary slip;OR
  • Latest three (3) months crediting bank statement;OR
  • Latest interim EPF statement(Minimum 6 months contribution)
  • Letter of certification of employment or letter of confirmation from employer stating salary/allowances is mandatory if service of employment is less than six (6) months
Self-Employed / Own or Partnership Professional Practices
  • Business Registration (Form A / B for Sole Proprietorship / Partnership); Business License (Form D), Current & Valid professional practice certificate issued by relevant competent body (for Professional Practices);OR
    Trading License (for East Malaysia);OR
    Local Council License;OR
    Borang 24 and Borang 49 (for Sdn Bhd);AND
  • Latest six (6) months Personal or Company’s Bank Statement;OR
    Latest Borang B / BE (validated payment receipt of payment to LHDN)
Commission Earners
  • Latest six (6) months salary slips/commission statements;AND
  • Latest six (6) months crediting bank statements;OR
    Latest Borang BE (validated payment receipt of payment to LHDN);
The Master Prospectus of ASNB dated 1 February 2020, the First Supplementary Master Prospectus dated 20 October 2021, the Prospectus of ASN Imbang (Mixed Asset Balanced) 3 Global dated 16 September 2020, the First Supplementary Prospectus ASN Imbang (Mixed Asset Balanced) 3 Global dated 20 October 2021, the Prospectus of ASN Equity Global dated 1 September 2021 and the Prospectus of ASN Sukuk dated 25 November 2022 (“Prospectuses”), have been registered with the Securities Commission Malaysia. Please read and understand the content of the Prospectuses together with the Product Highlights Sheets which are available at the ASNB website (www.asnb.com.my), branches and agents. The unit will be issued upon receipt of the registration form referred to and accompanying the Prospectuses. Before investing, please consider the risk of investing as well as the fees and charges involved. Unit prices and distribution payable, if any, may go down as well as up. The past performance of a fund should not be taken as indicative of its future performance.
This advertisement has not been reviewed by the Securities Commission.
There are risks associated with Term Financing-i Collateralized by ASB Certificate. Please read and understand the term financing risk disclosure (RDS) prior to investing via Term Financing-i Collateralized by ASB Certificate.

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