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All About Waqaf
In Islamic jurisprudence, a waqaf is the dedication of a specified asset (mawquf ) by a settlor (waqif ) into the administration of a custodian (mutawalli ) through a legal instrument (waqfiyyah ) such that the income or usufruct of that asset benefits a beneficiary (mawquf alaih ) or is used for a stated purpose.

A waqaf is comparable to an endowment, trust or foundation except that it must comply with the Shariah rules and principles.
The messenger of Allah (s.a.w) said: when a servant of Allah dies, his/her account of good deeds comes to an end, except three things: perpetual charity (sadaqah jariya), beneficial knowledge or a righteous son/daughter who prays for him/her.
Narrated by Abu Hurairah R.A.
Definition of Waqaf
Waqaf means to stop, contain or to preserve. In Shariah, a Waqaf (plural: awqaf) is a Sadaqah Jariyyah (recurring/ongoing charity), a voluntary charitable endowment, from one’s personal belongings or wealth in the form of cash/property for Shariah compliant causes. Once it is dedicated as a Waqaf, the ownership of the asset is transferred to Allah s.w.t allowing a perpetual use for charity.
Waqaf Pillars


The party who contributes the asset.


The Waqaf asset.

Mauquf ‘alaih

The beneficiaries.


The forming of Waqaf.

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Opportunity for you to perform Waqaf

Dana Wakaf Al-Bait

An initiative under MyWakaf by Association of Islamic Banks Malaysia (AIBIM)

Wakaf Air

An initiative under Yayasan Waqaf Malaysia

Tabung Wakaf Masjid Hijau

An initiative under Yayasan Waqaf Malaysia


A collaboration between banks under Association of Islamic Banking and Financial Institutions Malaysia (AIBIM) and state Islamic Religious Councils.

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