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All About Zakat
Zakat is the third pillar of Islam and is wajib (compulsory) on Muslims who meet all the conditions. The word Zakat itself means to purify, whereby a fixed proportion collected from a specific type of mal (wealth) when they reach the haul (specific term) must be distributed to specific categories of people.

Hence, zakat portrays a beautiful way of life that Islam provides to mankind in maintaining proper socio-economy of the ummah through the implementation of zakat.
(O Prophet) Take zakat out of their wealth and thereby purifying them and cause them to grow in purity, and pray for them: behold, your prayer will be (a source) of comfort to them – for Allah is all-hearing, all-knowing.
Al-Tawbah: 103.
Definition of Zakat
The term ‘zakat’ is an Arabic word that means blessing, growth, cleanliness and betterment. Zakat is giving away a certain type of property at a certain rate in accordance with certain conditions to be distributed to certain group of people who are qualified to receive zakat and known as "Asnaf".


A person who does not have anything to fulfill his or his family’s basic needs.


One who has insufficient means of livelihood to meet his or his family’s basic needs.


One who is appointed to collect Zakat and the expenses incurred in the administration of Zakat.


One who is overwhelmed with debt and needs assistance to meet his basic needs.


One who is freeing himself from the bondage or shackles of slavery either in terms of physical or mental grip.


Refers to new Muslim converts whose hearts are leaning towards Islam.​

Fi Sabilillah

One who strives in the cause of Allah including those engaging in activities promoting/upholding Islam and its virtues.

Ibn Sabil

Any person traveling for the purposes approved by the Shariah law of any country that needs help.


Zakat on incomes generated from all types of wages, remuneration, payments or revenue derived from effort performed on a regular or one-time basis.


Zakat on savings is obligatory to be fulfilled when the savings account has met the Haul and Nisab criteria.​


Zakat imposed pursuant to the business activity either based on manufacturing, services, agriculture etc.


Zakat on the stocks traded for short term and long-term and payable subject to meeting applicable Nisab requirements.


Zakat imposed pursuant to the crops harvested by farmers and payable subject to meeting applicable Nisab requirement.


Zakat imposed based on the livestock owned by farmers and subject to meeting the applicable Haul and Nisab.


Zakat to the withdrawn amount from the Employee Provident Fund.

Gold & Silver

Zakat to the gold and silver in possession depending on intended usage or otherwise.


A zakat imposed on each person to be paid in the month of Ramadan or early Syawal.

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How to pay your Zakat
Follow the steps below to pay your Zakat online using JomPAY.

Identify JomPAY

Find JomPAY logo and Biller Code for Zakat payment.

Login to RHB Now

Login to RHB Now and click on “BillPay”.

Select payment

Click “JomPAY” and select “Open Payment”.

Make payment

Enter the payment details and confirm payments.

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