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Sukuk Trustee
  • We represent and protect the interest of the holders in accordance with the trust deed
  • Act as a focal point for interaction between the holders and the Issuer
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Security Trustee/Security Agent
  • We hold security on behalf of the holders and administer the securities on behalf of the holders in a professional manner as required by the transaction document
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Share Trustee
  • We hold the entire legal and beneficial ownership of the shares of the Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) under a trust for identified beneficiaries
  • Administer and exercise the powers in relation to the trust fund in accordance with the provisions of the declaration of trust
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Transaction Administrator
  • Administer and monitor various designated account
  • Remit to the Paying Agent for disbursement of profit and principal payments which is due to the investors
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Process Agent
  • Applicable to the foreign company who issues Private Debt Securities (PDS) in Malaysia
  • Receive on behalf of the Issuer the "service of process" in an Event of Default scenario
  • Communicate and correspond to the Issuer regarding the "service of process"
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