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Our Will Writing experts will look after your best interests as they
help you to leave a legacy of wealth that benefits your loved ones.

As Muslims, your assets after you pass on will be distributed amongst your heirs in accordance to Faraid (Islamic Inheritance Law). What about those who are not regarded as heirs in Islam? This is where Wasiat comes in, it enables you to distribute one-third of your assets to non-Faraid heirs be they Muslims or non-Muslims or even to charity.

What is a Wasiat?

Wasiat is a vow or declaration that you make during your lifetime with respect to your property or benefit thereof, to be carried out for the purpose of charity or for any other purpose permissible by Islamic Law after your demise. The making of a Wasiat is recommended by Prophet Muhammad S.A.W.

Narrated from Ibn 'Umar R.A.: Rasulullah S.A.W. said: "It is not permissible for any Muslim who has something to will to stay for two nights without having his last will and testament written and kept ready with him."

Sahih Al-Bukhari, Kitab Al-Wasaya, Page 220, No. 2738
Sahih Al-Muslim, Kitab Al-Wasiyyah, Page 962, No. 4204

wasiat chart
Frozen asset chart

Why is Wasiat Custodian important to you?

  • A Wasiat serves no purpose if no one can find it
  • Your Wasiat is systematically catalogued and securely kept
  • The confidentiality of your Wasiat is preserved
  • Your Wasiat can be easily located and retrieved when the need arises

Why appoint a Professional Wasi/Executor?

A Wasi/Executor appointed in your Wasiat should be a qualified professional who has the knowledge, experience and commitment, a party whom you can trust to independently carry out your wishes upon your demise. RHB Trustees Berhad offers you such competent Professional Wasi/Executor Services that your loved ones deserve so that you can be confident that your estate is adequately managed.

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