FIT222 Vision and Strategy

In 2018, we introduced our five-year FIT22 strategy (Fund Our Journey, Invest To Win and Transform The Organisation). We aim to focus on strengthening our presence in Malaysia and winning in targeted segments, namely the Affluent, SME and the mid-cap and large-cap segments. Organisationally, we set out to build a winning operating model which entailed the introduction of the Agile way of working, enabling us to achieve faster speed-to-market, customer centricity, increased collaboration and productivity of our employees. We also continue to pursue a digitalisation programme focused on transforming customer journeys and building a workplace of the future.

We aspire to be top 3 by performance in Malaysia, with niche segment focused growth in our overseas operations.

Details on our FIT22 Strategic Thrusts
  1. Fund Our Journey

Boosting revenue from prioritised customer segments, as well as through optimising the use of capital by focusing on three key segments:

The Affluent and Wealth Space
where the revenue pool growth is the fastest.
The SME Segment
where we intend to not only grow loans but also provide a complete financial services ecosystem.
The large & mid-cap companies
where we aim to increase penetration of customer base and share of wallet.

  1. Invest To Win
Investing in technological and digital initiatives that will differentiate us from our peers, re-purposing our branch network while strategically expanding our overseas footprint.

  1. Transform the Organisation

Building a winning operating model that prioritises customer journeys, agility, analytics and digital enablement, as well as developing our talent pool. We will implement the Agile way of working across the organisation to drive productivity and improve time to market, thereby transforming RHB into a fast, nimble and customer centric organisation.

We plan on achieving our goals with our unique RHB values and culture components.



We are committed to maintaining a high level of proficiency, competency and reliability in all that we do.


We are proactive, responsive and forward thinking.


We are courteous, humble and we show empathy to everyone through our actions and interactions.


We are honest, ethical and uphold a high standard of governance.


We will continuously achieve high standards of performance and service deliverables.

Culture Components


Demonstrate willingness to put the organisation’s needs over personal achievement by fostering teamwork, empowerment and knowledge sharing.

Results Oriented

Demonstrate commitment and drive in delivering quality work output, and treat all matters with urgency.

Customer First

Demonstrate unwavering passion to engage and interact with customers to meet their needs, and create great experiences.