Deposit & Investment Account

Effective Aug 2023, all RHB deposit and investment account/-i statements will be presented in a new format moving forward. The new format will be as follows:


 Current Format  New Format (Normal)  New Format (Premier)
 Current Format  New Format (Normal)  New Format (Premier)

Yes, all RHB conventional and Islamic deposit & investment account will move to the new format from August 2023 statement issuance onwards.
Yes. There are no other changes apart from the new format.
Yes, your RHB account/-i statement delivery method will not change. You will continue to receive your hardcopy or e-statement through mail or email.
RHB will be progressively integrating the other products to the new statement format. As such, during this transition period, you will see different format between the RHB deposit & investment account compared to loan and credit card account.

You will continue to receive your deposit & investment account/-i statements via your e-mail, but there will be a new encryption password format:

 Current  New

 Individual customers
 First 3 Characters from Customer   Name + DOB

 First 3 character of company name +   Business Establishment Date

 Eg: “ABCddmmyyyy”


 Individual customers
 Last 4 digit from IC / last 4 character   from passport + DOB  (yymmdd)

 Last 4 character of Business Registration   Number + Business Establishment Date

 Eg “1234yymmdd” or “321Xyymmdd”


 Email will be sent from:
 Email will be sent from:


You will be able to view your statements via RHB Online Banking portal as it is secure and convenient with a click of a button.

For RHB Online Banking:
You may view your e-Statement/e-Advice via RHB Online Banking portal.

  • Logon to RHB IBK website
  • Select ‘Accounts’ from the menu buttons
  • Select the account type from the sidebar menu
  • Select ‘Statement’ tab below the displayed account balance summary.

To register as an RHB Online Banking customer, please go to


For RHB Reflex:

To apply for Reflex, you can download the Reflex Application Form from and submit to your domicile branch.


Depending on the type of deposit and investment product below, you can only retrieve your statements for RHB Online Banking (or Reflex) from the stated month onwards (upon your online banking registration) :

 Product  Month
 RHB Current account/-i  April 2023
 RHB Multi-currency account/-i  August 2023
 RHB Fixed deposit account/-i  August 2023
 RHB Unit trust account  August 2023
 RHB Retail bond account  August 2023
 RHB Savings account/i  September 2023

For previous statements, if it is not in the RHB Online Banking/ RHB Reflex platforms, you can request it from your nearest branch or call Customer Call Centre at 03-9206 8118.

As part of our ongoing efforts to reduce our carbon footprint and to adopt a more eco-friendly approach, RHB has been progressively migrating all our statements to RHB Online Banking or RHB Reflex, and will eventually stop producing hardcopy statements.

To retrieve these statements, you need to register for RHB Online Banking (RHB Reflex) or you may request for it from your nearest branch, or call Customer Call Centre at 03-9206 8118.
As we migrate our deposit and investment account statement generation to an enhanced and more secure ecosystem, you may experience a slight delay in the delivery for your Aug 2023 multi-currency, fixed deposit, unit trust & retail bond statement(s) and Sep 2023 savings account statement(s). This will not impact the delivery of the following month statements.