Frequently asked questions

Need answers to frequently asked questions (FAQ)? We’ve got you covered.


What is fraud?

  • Fraud is a criminal act to deceive you and take your cash. It is a transaction that you did not make or authorise.


What is a scam?

  • A scam is where you are tricked into making or authorising a payment to a criminal’s account.

For Android Devices:

  • Go to phone settings
  • Search/type “permission”
  • Click “permission manager”
  • Click -> “permission” -> Screen will show all the system access (SMS, Gallery, contacts, etc.)
  • Click “SMS” -> Then we can see what are the apps that can read or view the SMS
  • Delete/uninstall suspicious/malware app


For Apple Devices:

  • NEVER jailbreak your iPhones and iPads as this would expose your devices to a scammer. If your devices are jailbroken, you need to undo it via factory reset.

We recommend for you to be extra cautious on the following advertisements:

Job/Part-Time vacancy
Investment (guaranteeing “unusually high”/ “unprecedented” returns)
Personal and misc. loans (with “Guaranteed” approval)
Home cleaning services
Maid services
Durian scams
Fake sellers on social media platforms (with “limited” or “no” reviews; enticing victims with “extra-ordinary” pricing)

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