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What is a Friendly Scam

It is a scam where the perpetrators disguise as your family members or friends.

How to spot a Friendly Scam

They will call you from different numbers saying they have lost their phone.

The profile pictures they use may seem familiar.

The aim is to get immediate money.
How you can prevent a Friendly Scam
Call contact list number

Call contact list number

Call the person via your contact list to confirm before making any transfers.
Check bank account name

Check bank account name

Check the bank account name to confirm before transferring any amount.
Semak Mule

Semak Mule

Always check the Semak Mule list at the CCID portal to ensure the number is not blacklisted.

Scenario of a Friendly Scam

Fendi received a text message from an unknown number impersonating his
cousin. The imposter told him that she was involved in an accident and her purse
was stolen. She needed money to pay for the hospital bills and will pay him back
once she was discharged from hospital.

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