What is an Investment Scam

Scammers entice you to invest your money in fake financial products or services. They will promise unrealistic profit with an emphasis on time-limited offers to pressure you into sending your money over immediately.

How to spot an Investment Scam


Products are purely marketed via social media platforms such as Facebook, WhatsApp, Telegram, etc.


Promotes “non-existent” investment schemes promising high returns with little or no risk within a short span of time.


Investments may also be disguised as “Shariah Compliant” products to attract investors.


Instructions to deposit money into a personal bank account.


Get victims to part with additional money under the pretext of “Income Tax” and “Miscellaneous Fees” payments related to the investment.

How you can prevent an Investment Scam


Do not trust

If an investment sounds too good to be true, it probably is.


Tell your friends/family

Speak to a trusted person e.g. family members/friends and consider consulting a qualified financial advisor to validate the potential investment.


Inform the bank

Don’t be lured in by advertisements you see online or on social media — these can be fake. Carry out your own research and read reviews about the investment and the company.

Scenario of an Investment Scam

Someone approached you and offered you a job in Forex trading. He mentioned that it was a legitimate job with 3 weeks training that would give you a higher return from a low investment. He also encouraged you to invite your family members and friends to join you to earn higher commission.

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