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What is a Job Scam


A job scam is a deceptive act where individuals or organizations falsely advertise job opportunities, aiming to extract money or personal information from unsuspecting job seekers. It typically involves promises of high-paying jobs, remote work, or opportunities requiring little to no experience, ultimately leaving victims defrauded and deceived

How to spot a Job Scam

You receive a text message that offers you a job with no experience and qualification requirements.

You will be added into a chat group, for coaching purposes so as to be perceived as being a legitimate business.

They will assign you specific task, that will require you to make advanced payment in order to generate commission.


How you can prevent a Job Scam

Do your research before accepting any job offers

Reject any offers that requires you to make an advanced payment or requires you to divulge sensitive information.

Don’t interact with potential employers who urge you to act fast.

Don't agree to provide your bank details to a potential employer.

Scenario of a Job Scam

Sofea had stumbled upon a job advert via social media that did not require any experience or qualification. Seeing as this was something easy and interesting, and where she could generate supplemental income, she therefore replied to the job advert.


Soon after, she was invited to join a chat group; where she would be coached on the required task(s) to be performed i.e. making “advance payments” to purchase items online and the guarantee of commission earned from these purchases.


She proceeds to perform the task, and immediately earns her commission. Thereafter, she is encouraged to make bigger purchases, but, once these payments are performed, she did not earn her commission. She was unable to contact with the group admin and she has just now become a victim. The promises of quick income (commission) is a common tactic by scammers to lure unsuspecting victims before extracting all their monies

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