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What is a Love Scam


Love scam occurs when a scammer adopts a fake online identity to gain your trust or affection before manipulating or stealing from you.

How to spot a Love Scam

They do not share the same geography as you and most of the time they are abroad.

Their profile always appears too good to be true. Usually applying a lot of sweet talk and fake promises.

They never entertain your request to meet in person or always avoid meeting you.

They always portray themselves as highly successful individuals in their field or in their jobs and have multiple new or existing ventures. They claim to be in a tight spot - requesting your temporary assistance to overcome a challenge.

How you can prevent a Love Scam

Be wary


Be careful of any strangers approaching you on social media.

Set private mode


Set your social media account as private and only approve those that you know personally.

Observe before taking actions


Stay vigilant and observe if their actions start to get suspicious. If they do, block them!

Be smart


The moment your online admirer asks for financial aid, cease contact immediately.

Scenario of a Love Scam

You had befriended Mr. M through Facebook. Both of you kept in touch through online messages and grew close to each other. He then claimed that he had sent a present to you.

Soon after, you received a call claiming to be from a courier company and it informed you that you needed to pay a transportation fee before you could receive the parcel. After transferring the money to the account number given, you did not get any news from Mr. M and no parcel arrived.

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