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What is a Macau Scam


It is a scam where people impersonate law enforcement agencies to obtain your personal banking credential.

How to spot a Macau Scam

During the conversation, they will transfer your call to unknown parties claiming to be law enforcement agencies or other investigating authorities.

Scammers will try to make you panic by claiming you are involved in an ongoing investigation and request that you follow their instructions which involves moving your fund into 3rd party/unknown accounts.

They will demand for your personal banking credential.

Scammers will insist you to 'keep it quiet' and not tell anyone about the call.

How you can prevent a Macau Scam

Stay calm and think


Take your time and think about every action they ask you to do.

Ask questions


Ask the caller to identify you. Ask as many questions as possible.

Call your bank


If you think you might have responded to unknown parties, please call your bank immediately.

Share with others


Don’t keep it to yourself. Share with your family and friends.

Scenario of a Macau Scam

You received a call claiming to be from your bank to confirm a payment that was made to your credit card without your authorisation. To help you recover your money, the call was transferred to an authority who asked for your personal credentials and suggested you transfer all your money to a “safe account” while they were doing their investigation.

They informed you that the money would be transferred back into your account after everything was completed. They also asked you to not inform anyone and to not check your account for the next few days due to investigation.

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