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What is a Money Mule


Scammers want to access your bank account to move their fraudulent funds. They exploit you when you are vulnerable such as when looking for a new job, relationship, or needing financial aid.

How to spot a Money Mule

High-paying jobs that do not require any education or experience.

Job specifications that include using your personal banking account to receive and send money.

Overseas companies offering you employment, as it will be difficult for you to check the authenticity of the companies.

How you can prevent a Money Mule

Be wary


Do not accept lucrative job offers, rewards, purported investment schemes or any kind of offers which seem to be extraordinarily promising (“too good to be true”) and guarantee fast return or have zero risk.

Do not share details


Do not share your personal banking credentials e.g. username, password, ATM card details, PIN number, or TAC with a third party.

Do not accept/transfer funds


Do not help anyone to receive or transfer funds from/to third parties. You may be violating the law if illegal activities or transactions are found and legal actions may be taken against you.

Report scam/fraud


Report scam/fraud to the bank and law enforcement immediately if you think you might already be part of a mule account scam.

Scenario of a Money Mule

You saw a job advertisement post on a social media platform for a position as an “agent”. You were interested because they promised a high pay.

Once recruited, you would receive funds into your account. These funds were obtained from scam victims or other illegal activities. Scammers then asked you to withdraw or transfer funds to another account. The scammer would then collect the money and pay a commission to you.

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