Sustainable Procurement


  • RHB is committed to embedding good practices by advocating responsible and sustainable procurement across the Group’s supply chain, for the betterment of our planet and future generations.

  • Sustainable procurement entails acquiring goods and services in a manner that benefits not only the organization but society as a whole and local economies.avior amongst our employees across the Group by injecting responsible values into our strategy and goals, policies, existing tools and processes, as well as product design and operations;

  • RHB's Supplier Code of Conduct articulates our commitment to conducting business in an ethical and responsible manner, emphasizing the importance of respecting individual rights and minimizing environmental impact.

  • We expect our suppliers to adhere to these principles. In line with our sustainability commitments, strategies, and objectives, we aim to work closely with our suppliers to attain elevated standards and implement best practices throughout our entire supply chain - “Together We Progress”.


Code of Conduct for Suppliers