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Trustee for Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT) and Unit Trust
  • We act as the custodian of funds
  • Safeguard the interests of unit holders
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Stakeholder/Escrow Agent
  • We act as a neutral and unbiased party to hold funds, shares and/or other types of assets under custody until all conditions are fulfilled for a certain transaction
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Trustee for Provident Fund
  • Hold assets within a company’s Provident Fund for the benefits of the employees
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Trustee for Employee Share Option (ESO) Schemes
  • Administer the ESO Scheme and base it in a well-regulated and reputable jurisdiction
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Trustee for e-Money
  • Hold and manage your funds that are collected by the e-Money operator
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  • Act in a neutral and impartial position for the asset held until all conditions in respect of the commercial transaction are fulfilled between the transaction parties
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Corporate Custodian
  • Hold cash, properties and shares for and on behalf of the client
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