Will Writing Services

Our Will Writing experts will look after your best interests as they help you to leave a legacy of wealth that benefits your loved ones.

Under the law, immediately upon a person’s demise, all his/her hard-earned wealth will be frozen. This would mean that your loved ones will not be able to transfer properties which are registered in your name, dispose of your shares and worst of all, would face difficulties in withdrawing monies from the bank accounts at a time when monies are needed most. Writing a Will empowers you with the right to plan and provide for your loved ones, for them to obtain their inheritance in the shortest possible time with the least inconvenience.

What is a Will?

A Will is a document which expresses your declaration of intentions with respect to your estate and other matters which are to be carried out into effect after your passing. With a Will, you can make your intentions clear for your loved ones to avoid uncertainties and family disputes.

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What can a Will do for you?

  • A faster way to distribute your wealth
  • Your choice of beneficiaries and their entitlements
  • Appointment of your trusted executor(s)
  • Your testamentary trust or your wealth purposefully used
  • Your choice of guardian(s) for your children

At RHB Trustees Berhad, we provide you with comprehensive yet affordable Will Writing Services, all under one roof.

Why is Will Custodian important to you?

  • A Will serves no purpose if no one can find it
  • Your Will is systematically catalogued and securely kept
  • The confidentiality of your Will is preserved
  • Your Will can be easily located and retrieved when the need arises

Why appoint a Professional Executor?

An executor appointed in your Will should be a qualified professional who has the knowledge, experience and commitment, a party whom you can trust to independently carry out your wishes upon your demise. RHB Trustees Berhad offers you competent Professional Executor Services that your loved ones deserve so that you can be confident that your estate is adequately managed.

Where do I start?

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