Product Benefits

Cash withdrawal nationwide

Cash withdrawal nationwide

Withdraw cash at any MEPS ATM nationwide up to RM5,000.
Enjoy profit

Enjoy profit

Continue to enjoy profit from any profit bearing account.
 Accepted worldwide

Accepted worldwide

Accepted at all Visa retail establishments worldwide.
Cashless payment

Cashless payment

PayWave feature allows users to simply wave or tap cards to complete payment.
Online purchases

Online purchases

Can be used to access the internet for online purchases provided the customer has opted in for this function.
Cash withdrawal and retail spend limit
Default withdrawal and retail spend limit is set for different age groups as a first
level protection.

18 years and above RM3,000 cash withdrawal per day
RM3,000 retail spend per day
12 to 17 years RM200 cash withdrawal per day
RM200 retail spend per day
Other Features You Want to Know
Individuals aged 12 and above [Letter of Indemnity for applicants aged 12 to below 18 years old (for opening the account) to be executed]
Annual Fees/Issuance Fee: Waived
Replacement Fee: RM12
Withdrawal Fees:
- RHB ATM – Free,
- Local Bank MEPS – RM1.00,
- Foreign Bank MEPS – RM1.00,
- VISA network – RM12.00 equivalent in foreign currency
Sales Draft Retrieval Fee per copy: RM20
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