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Promissory Note (P-Note) Financing
  • Competitive financing rates to meet your financing needs
  • Access financing sales and purchases of goods and services
  • Improves financial manoeuvrability to partially repay or fully settle your loan prior to maturity
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Foreign Currency Trade Finance
  • Access cheaper funding through foreign currency rates when they are lower than Ringgit Malaysia
  • Improves your negotiation position as a buyer receiving shorter supplier credit period, or as a seller providing longer credit period
  • Improves cash flow for better cash management and business expansion
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Flexible Trade Accommodation Bill (Flexitab)
  • Improves cash flow as you are able to finance expenses related to trade which are not financed by some banks
  • Allows those in services industry to gain access to trade financing instruments
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Bankers Acceptance
  • Allows access to cheap funding
  • Improves cash flow for better cash management
  • No commitment fees on unutilized facility
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Trust Receipt
  • Take possession of the goods without having to use your own funds immediately
  • Improve cash flow by having additional time to convert your goods into cash
  • Flexibility in payment as partial repayment and early repayment is allowed without penalty
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