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Protecting wealth is an important component of any holistic financial
plan. The years of building up our assets and investments so that we
can live comfortably and happily, whilst securing financial stability for
our loved ones can be impaired suddenly due to some unforeseen


At RHB Islamic, our Takaful partner tailors protection solutions
based on your needs and circumstances. A suitable Takaful coverage
assists you in managing financial risks when unexpected problems
occur, such as premature deaths, disabilities or employment

Our Wealth Protection
Collaboration Partners
Takaful VS Conventional Insurance
Range (RM)Takaful Rates (p.a.)Conventional Insurance
Based on ta’awun or cooperation among the Takaful participants Primarily based on commercial motive
Subject to the Shariah requirements and the regulatory requirements
Subject to the regulatory requirements
The contribution by the Takaful participants will only be invested in Shariah-compliant investment The premium paid by the customers for conventional insurance is invested in the investment or funds which are not necessarily Shariah-compliant
The Takaful products are free from the Shariah non-compliant elements such as riba (interest), gharar (uncertainty) and maysir (gambling) The conventional insurance is not free from the Shariah non-compliant elements such as riba (interest), gharar (uncertainty) and maysir (gambling)
The Takaful participants will jointly share the risk among them Once the customer purchased the insurance policy, the risk will be transferred to the Insurance Provider.

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