Sustainability at RHB


Sustainability Principles

The Group’s 10 Sustainability Principles outline the conduct and practices expected of RHB Banking Group, its employees and key stakeholders in embedding sustainability in its business and operations. These principles embody the spirit of the Group’s commitment to sustainable practices, its efforts in integrating ESG considerations into decision-making processes and its contribution to sustainable development.

Below outlines the conduct and practices expected of RHB Group, its key employees and key stakeholders in embedding sustainability.


Align and Integrate

Align and integrate sustainability/ESG and VBI components as part of our business strategy and decision-making process, enabling us to minimise harm and negative impacts as well as create and deliver value for our shareholders, customers, employees and all other stakeholders.

Ethics and Integrity

Maintain the highest level of governance and ethical practices in conducting our business and operations.

Stakeholder Engagement

Have continuous and meaningful engagement with all our stakeholders to better understand their evolving expectations and concerns and to put in place a mechanism to respond to their needs appropriately and effectively.

Customer and Clients

Have an understanding of our customers and clients and of their evolving needs and risk profiles in order to build trust, enabling them to make better financial choices and achieve shared prosperity.

Sustainable Financing

Embed sustainability/ESG factors into the core delivery of the Group’s financial services, balancing profitability with financial inclusion and contributing towards sustainable development.

Employees and Workplace

Build a dynamic, diverse, inclusive and safe workplace for employees as well as promote good sustainability/ESG practices as part of the Group’s culture.


Exercise due care and diligence where possible in managing the Group’s direct and indirect environmental impacts as well as promote environmental awareness and advocacy among our network of stakeholders.


Enrich and empower the community within which we operate with a focus towards nurturing future generations.

Suppliers and Vendors

Operate in a sustainable manner through our procurement practices and make active decisions on how we procure and who from. To this end, we seek to collaboratively promote better sustainable/ESG practices among our suppliers and service providers.

Disclosure and Transparency

Keep our shareholders, customers, employees and all our stakeholders informed on the development and impacts (positive and negative) of the Group’s sustainability/ESG initiatives and contributions to sustainable development.

Shareholders and Investors

We provide our shareholders and investors with relevant information in order to make informed investment decisions on RHB as well as share with them our financial performance and the Group’s strategic direction.


A key winning formula that differentiates us from our competitors is our capability in building trust, delivering convenience and creating value for our customers. We interact with customers to better understand their requirements so that we can propose the right financial solutions for them.

Business Partners

In driving business performance and delivering superior products and services to our customers, we engage with our business partners in strategic alliances to capitalise on mutually beneficial business opportunities in the market.


We are committed to being a preferred employer with a highly productive, agile and engaged workforce that delivers exceptional service to customers while ensuring our employees’ health, safety and well-being. Employee engagement is a critical driver of business success in today’s competitive marketplace.

Regulatory Authorities & Policymakers

We regularly engage with regulatory authorities on matters that impact our business and operations.


We actively engage with communities, including children and youth from the underprivileged and underserved segments.
Note: This stakeholder group includes NGOs and the media.

Financial Industry Peers

With our financial industry peers, we pursue industry-wide improvements through discussions and consensus on financial industry matters.
Support Sustainable Development

Support sustainable development by mobilising RM20 BILLION in sustainable financial services by 2026


To recognise RHB’s unique position and role as an enabler of the real economy, creating opportunities for shared value and nurturing our clients and customers to transition to sustainable and greener practices


  • Offer Sustainable Financial Services across all Strategic Business Groups (“SBGs”)
  • Develop new Sustainable/ESG products and financial solutions
  • Expand Green Financing Commitment
  • Explore strategic partnerships and collaborations
Empower People

Empower more than 2 MILLION targeted individuals and businesses across ASEAN by 2026


To create an inclusive financial system that best serves all members of society, including the underserved and targeted segments as identified by RHB


  • Develop innovative and expanded financial products and services
  • Provide convenient financial access through digitalisation
  • Improve financial literacy
Achieve Carbon Neutral

Achieve CARBON NEUTRAL operations by 2030 & develop PATHWAY TO NET ZERO by 2050


To identify RHB’s contribution to climate change and the potential impact of climate change on RHB


  • Measure and disclose operational GHG emissions to cover Scope 1, Scope 2 & Scope 3, based on GHG Protocol
  • Reduce operational GHG emissions intensity through various programmes and initiatives
  • Develop pathway to Net Zero to reduce financed emissions by 2050

Our Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) Targets

We are committed to driving change among our stakeholders and generating significant impacts by leveraging our unique and influential position as a financial institution. Our SDG targets are reviewed from time to time to better align our Sustainability Framework, its focus areas and initiatives with the global goals as we seek to improve our reporting and performance on the SDG.

Sustainable & Responsible Finance

Embedding Good Practices

Enriching & Empowering Communities

Learn More about 17 SDGs


Task Force On Climate-Related Financial Disclosures (TCFD)

We stepped up our climate action by:


Bolstering Sustainable Financial Services


Expanding Our Commitment In Managing Climate Risk Through The Group’s Climate Action Programme.


Managing Our Environmental Footprint, Including Operational Greenhouse Gas (“GHG”) Emissions


Fostering External Partnerships And Collaborations For Collective Action


Building Capability And Raising Awareness Among Employees

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