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RHB Essential PrimeGuard
  • This is a limited 5 years premium paying Non-participating Endowment plan. This Policy offers savings and insurance protection for 10 years. It pays a lump sum upon death or when the Life Assured suffers from total and permanent disability (TPD) during the policy term.
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RHB Essential PrimeBuilder
  • 8 years limited pay non-participating plan that provides insurance coverage up to Life Assured’s age 88.
  • Starting from the end of 5th policy year, Guaranteed Cash Payment (GCP) will be payable annually at the end of policy year until policy maturity or a claim upon death/Total and Permenant Disability (TPD), or policy surrender, whichever is earliest.
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Perlindungan Tenang – Tokio Marine StarterPack
  • Insurance protection with low premium and hassle free enrolment
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RHB Essential Cover20
  • This is a limited pay non-participating endowment assurance with 115% refund of premium upon maturity. Sum Assured is payable upon Death and TPD. An additional 100% sum assured upon accidental death. Future premium payment shall be waived upon diagnosis of Dread Diseases of the Life Assured.
RHB Essential EliteGuard
  • An affordable life protection plan design to provide life and personal accident protection.
  • Daily Hospital Cash Benefit and Lump Sum Payment Incentive Care Unit (ICU) provide you coverage against unexpected hospital confinement due to accident.
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RHB Essential FlexiLink Plus
  • The whole life investment-linked plan offers a combination of insurance protection and investment. With as little premium as RM1,200 per year, the Life Assured can have a comprehensive insurance solutions for peace of mind and financial security.

  • Optional medical card rider iHealthCare has extended the coverage for COVID-19 till 30 June 2020.

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