RHB Workmen Protection Insurance


When your precious employees are well
protected from unforeseen circumstances, it
not only helps to ensure the smooth running
and success of your business operations, but
also works to protect you from legal, financial
and reputation costs.


RHB Bank offers two types of insurance policies which will indemnify you
against bearing the costs of any mishap that takes place during your
employees’ course of work.





Choose a policy that
suits you best

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Employer’s Liability Insurance

Indemnifies employers against the liability of law to
compensate your employees by paying for cost and
expenses in respect of accidental bodily injury or
disease arising out of or in the course of employment.
The standard Common Law limit is RM1,000,000 for
any one accident and in the aggregate.
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Workmen’s Compensation Insurance

Provides indemnity against all sums for which you shall
be liable to pay compensation to any employee for
personal injury sustained by accidents or occupational
diseases arising out of and in the course of his
employment under:

  • The Workmen’s Compensation Act 1952 and the
    subsequent amendments to the Act or
  • The Common Law. The standard Common Law limit
    is RM1,000,000 for any one accident and in the
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Keep them safe at all times as they work hard for you
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Start building better protection for employers with
RHB Workmen Protection Insurance

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As your ally, helping you grow your business to new heights is our top priority. With RHB Reflex Premium Plus, we’ll sort out your financial, sales, accounting, people management and other processes so you can focus on giving your business your all.

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View real-time bank balance and make payment directly from Financio then automated reconciliation to RHB Reflex.


Kakitangan / Talenox works via RHB Reflex Premium Plus to manage leave, payroll and statutory payments.


Take credit card payments on the go via MPOS where the collections are directly linked to your Business Current Account.

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