• Be in total control of your financials with total online access at your own leisure
  • Be ahead by making clear and strategic business decisions with your cash flows at your fingertips
  • Reduce cost and effort by letting us handle transaction processes and lets you focus more on your business
  • Count on efficiency in handling your cash inflow and outflow, making every move counts
  • Have a peace of mind with our proven security features
  • Payroll with more privileges through Joy@Work
  • Increase your business efficiency via the connected ecosystem solution with an Accounting system and HR & Payroll system
  • Manage your outlets and cashiers, generate QR payment codes, receive real-time QR payment notification, and view QR payment transaction history with DuitNow QR via RHB Reflex Mobile App
ServicesBasic PackagePremium PackagePremium Plus Package
Account Management
Allowing you to inquire on your account balances and activities.
Cheque Management
Enables you to check on the status of your cheques in real-time
Information Management
Displays information on foreign exchanges, rates and treasury
Trade Inquiry
Applicable for customers who have trade facilities with the bank. Enabling you to check your trade account balances and activities
Credit Card Merchant report
Applicable for customers who are the Bank's credit card merchants. Receive, print and download the merchant summary report and terminal activities online on the next day (after you had performed settlement at the terminal).
Fund Transfer (Own Account & 3rd Party)
Allowing you to perform fund transfers from your own group of accounts and to 3rd party accounts within the Bank
IBG (Interbank GIRO)
Allowing you to perform fund transfers to accounts maintained with IBG (Interbank GIRO) member banks
Rentas (Inter-Bank Transfer)
Allowing you to perform fund transfers to accounts maintained with Rentas member banks
Remittance Foreign TT
Allowing you to submit application for Telegraphic Transfer (TT) to foreign countries online. You will enjoy special counter rate on each of your TT application.
Payment Advice Notification
Allowing you to submit details and notification to your beneficiaries whenever you perform fund transfer, IBG, Rentas and TT.
Bills Payment
Allowing you to pay company bills online
Stop Cheque online
Allowing you to perform stops on cheques via Internet (for instances of lost or stolen cheques)
Online Cheque Book request
Allowing you to submit requests for additional or new cheque books via Internet
Bulk Payment
Allowing you to submit multiple payments in a file if your volume of payment is high. Example, payment for your various suppliers or creditors.
Payroll Payment 
Trade Application
Applicable for customers who have trade facilities with the bank. Allowing you to submit application for trade facilities (e.g. Letter of credit, bank guarantees, etc) online.
Statutory Body Transactions
One-stop centre for payments to individual statutory bodies such as EPF, SOCSO and IRB.
Loan Repayment
Make your life easier and your business smoother by meeting your monthly commitments for your RHB corporate and commercial loans hassle-free with Reflex.
Direct Integration with Accounting Software (a part of SME e-Solutions)
This service in partnership with Financio, allows you to access to a real-time dashboard of your accounts, initiate payments directly from accounting software & automated reconciliation to RHB Reflex.
Direct integration with HR & Payroll software
This service in partnership with, allows you to manage staff payroll, claims, benefits, leave and more.

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