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Transaction Matching Services
  • Allows RHB Bank to act as the buyer’s, seller’s or submitting bank in facilitating the submission of data
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Documentary Collection
  • Allows more payment security compared to open account trading but do not require the security of Letter of Credit
  • Retains control of the goods until the buyer makes payment or accepts the usance drafts
  • Allows access to financing options through our comprehensive range of export financing products
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Chinese Renminbi (RMB) Trade Products and Payment
  • Access highly reliable and professional cross border settlement services with Mainland China in RMB currency
  • Settle merchandise imports and service trade transaction in RMB currency
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Bank Payment Obligation (BPO) Confirmation
  • Removes the risks of non-payment by the Obligor Bank and other risk associated with the country of the Obligor Bank
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Letter of Credit Advising
  • RHB Bank's extensive network of correspondent agents allow us to authenticate Letters of Credit
  • RHB Bank will select the most expedient means to deliver the Letter of Credit to you
  • Letters of Credit may be received through SWIFT, telex, courier or registered mail
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Letter of Credit Confirmation
  • Exporters are assured of payment from the confirming bank upon presentation of compliant documents under Letter of Credit
  • Allows the exporter to trade in unfamiliar regions
  • Allows the exporter to prepare the shipment as payment is guaranteed upon presentation of compliant documents
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Silent Confirmation
  • Provides relief against Letter of Credit Issuing Bank's payment and country risks
  • Guaranteed payment on without recourse basis
  • Non-recourse feature offers off balance sheet reporting option
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Standby Letter of Credit
  • Be assured that payment will be received in the event of applicant default
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Back to Back Letter of Credit
  • Allows you to purchase goods required in the Master LC from your ultimate supplier
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Transferable Letter of Credit
  • Free up your funds and credit facilities in fulfilling your duties as a middleman by making you available in part or in whole to one or more second beneficiaries
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Enhanced Export Collection Services
  • Improve collection management by tracking the movements of a collection bill
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Assignment of Proceeds
  • Allows beneficiaries to assign their Letter of Credit proceeds to the ultimate supplier
  • A cheaper and simpler alternative to effecting a Transfer Letter of Credit or Back to Back Letter of Credit
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