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Max Personal Accident Insurance
  • Additional coverage without additional premium
  • Special discounted premiem for one household policy
  • Cashless hospital admission and discharge benefits up to RM3,000
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Preferred Personal Accident Insurance
  • Full payout of sum insured to loved ones
  • Temporary and permanent disablement benefits
  • Worldwide coverage for personal accidents anywhere in the world
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POS 1Malaysia Family Personal Insurance
  • An insurance plan that provides coverage for the whole family.
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POS 1Malaysia Insurance
  • Don’t be the one. Protect yourself against uncertainties with RHB POS 1Malaysia Insurance.
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POS Auto Ikthiar
  • Cover yourself from the loss of use of your private car arising from a motor accident or theft.
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POS Maid Protector
  • Round-the-clock protection for your maid and peace-of-mind for you and your family.
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POS Motor Shield PA
  • This plan provides you and your passengers coverage while you are on the road.
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Cash Back Personal Accident Insurance
  • We protect you against uncertainties while providing you with savings.
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