Sustainability Vision: Building a Sustainable Future


RHB embarked on its sustainability journey in Q4 2018 when the Group identified its sustainability material matters and defined its commitment.

The Group Sustainability Framework is a cumulative effort that outlines how RHB can better respond to changing stakeholder concerns, consider the wider context of market conditions and measure value or impact. It is intended to be a “live document” and will continuously be reviewed based on stakeholder expectations and RHB Group’s sustainability journey in relation to the core businesses’ and internal operations’ footprints.

Sustainability Pillars & Key Focus Areas


Sustainable & Responsible


Sustainable Financing

   Customer Centric Banking


Embedding Good Practices

  Ethics & Governance
  People & Workplace
  Environmental Stewardship
  Sustainable Procurement

Enriching & Empowering

  Community Enrichment
   Financial Education