Enriching & Empowering Communities

Enriching & Empowering Communities

Money Ma$ter Programme

Launched in 2018, the RHB Money Ma$ter Programme (MMP) is a Financial Education/Literacy Programme targeted to secondary school students aged between 13-17 years old. It is a 90-minute interactive session held in school with students, teachers and Parents-Teacher Associations during school days. In 2022, we targeted 10,000 students through 90-minute interactive talks and we successfully reached out to 10,165 students from 60 secondary schools.

MMP equips young adults with knowledge, skills and confidence in managing their day-to-day financial matters, educate and empower young adults on the importance of savings at young age and provide them with useful saving tips and encourage young adults to lead a financially prudent lifestyle while assisting them to better understand their financial situations and to be aware of financial scams/fraud.

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