Enriching & Empowering Communities

Enriching & Empowering Communities

Nurturing Future Generations through Education

At RHB, education is a cause close to our hearts. We aspire to empower the younger generation through education to shape a knowledgeable society and create long-term sustainable value.

Our educational initiative is structured into two programmes - RHB X-Cel Academic Excellence and RHB X-Cel Star Scholarship - which seek to provide equal opportunities for students from underprivileged backgrounds or the B40 segment of the community. The objective of our programmes is to nurture students into holistic individuals through various educational and capacity-building programmes, in addition to academic excellence programmes. Ultimately, we aim to uplift the socio-economic status of underprivileged students by giving them access to tertiary education, creating a pathway for them to lead better lives in the future.

RHB is currently the only corporate body with an all-inclusive educational programme that supports B40 segment students from secondary up to tertiary level. Established in 2018, the programmes are endorsed and approved by Malaysia’s Ministry of Education.

Approximately RM1.3 million was invested in RHB X-Cel and RHB X-Cel Star programmes in 2022, benefitting more than 6,000 secondary school students from 60 secondary schools since 2018.

RHB X-Cel Star scholarship programme provides financial support to eligible students to continue their studies in local institutions of higher learning. In 2022, we have invested approximately RM350,000 for the scholarship programme.

The programme has been designed to equip the scholars with the relevant skills to meet job market demands, such as English proficiency, mental health, soft skills, communication proficiency and leadership qualities. To nurture the scholars to become effective graduates and future leaders, RHB employees become mentors to the scholars through a mentor-mentee relationship.

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