RHB Miscellanous Insurance


When running a business, we tend to focus on
protecting the main areas of work. However, it
is always wise to look into the smaller aspects
of daily tasks to ensure that everything and
everyone is well-protected.


RHB Miscellanous Insurance offers a wide variety of insurance for
untoward incidents, mishaps or mishandling that could take place in the
course of work.





Give your business
all the protection it needs

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SMI Supreme Insurance

Safeguard your business and assets at a time when
many cannot afford to be disrupted by setbacks caused
by unforeseen risks. It comprises a selection of 8
insurance classes, all packaged at competitive rates.

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Fidelity Guarantee Insurance

Provides indemnity to the employer against loss of
money or property as a result of acts of fraud or
dishonesty of any employee during the uninterrupted
continuance of employment in connection with the
occupation and duties of the said employee.

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Burglary Insurance

Covers against loss or damage to property consequent
to actual, forcible and violent entry into or exit from the
premises, damage to insured property or to the
premises as a result of theft or any threat including
armed robbery or a hold up.

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Glass Insurance

Covers replacement or payment for any accidental
breakage of the Plate Glass situated at the Insured’s

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Money Insurance

Covers the loss of money whilst in transit within the
territorial limit specified in the policy and whilst kept in
locked drawers, safe or strong rooms on the business
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Start building complete protection with
RHB Miscellanous Insurance

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RHB Reflex Premium Plus helps to build better business efficiency.

As your ally, helping you grow your business to new heights is our top priority. With RHB Reflex Premium Plus, we’ll sort out your financial, sales, accounting, people management and other processes so you can focus on giving your business your all.

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View real-time bank balance and make payment directly from Financio then automated reconciliation to RHB Reflex.


Kakitangan / Talenox works via RHB Reflex Premium Plus to manage leave, payroll and statutory payments.


Take credit card payments on the go via MPOS where the collections are directly linked to your Business Current Account.

These solutions may also help you maximise your business growth

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Protected by PIDM up to RM250,000 for each depositor. Click here for PIDM’s DIS brochure.