Cooling Off Period

It's a 12-hour security measure to safeguard your account from unauthorised access and potential fraud. During this time, you'll be restricted from certain account activities.

The cooling-off period applies as soon as you link your device for the first time, and also if you switch to a new device.

It lasts for 12 hours and during this time, you won't be able to log in to your RHB Online Banking account using the device you're linking to your user ID.

Yes, you can still access banking services such as visiting a branch, using an ATM, or contacting us for assistance. However, certain account activities that require logging in, such as online banking or mobile banking, will be restricted.

No, you can't as it's a mandatory security measure to safeguard your banking transactions.

Contact Customer Contact Centre at +603-9206 8118 for assistance.

No, it won't.