DuitNow QR

DuitNow QR lets you instantly pay, send and receive money to and from anyone with just a QR Code that operates and complies to the Malaysian national QR standards.

For a smooth and more secure experience, ensure your mobile device is:
- Equipped with the latest version of RHB Mobile Banking App
- Not jail-broken or rooted
- Connected to a stable Internet connection
- Running on an operating system supported by RHB Mobile Banking App
- Set up with screen lock for enhanced security

No set up is required as it's automatically enabled on RHB Mobile Banking.

To make payments, follow these steps:


  1. Tap the DuitNow QR icon on your Home screen or your pre-login screen.
  2. Scan any DuitNow QR code when the camera's launched to pay or transfer funds.

To generate a DuitNow QR code, follow these steps:


  1. Tap he DuitNow QR icon on your Home screen or your pre-login screen.
  2. Tap 'Receive' when the camera's launched to generate a DuitNow QR code that's linked to your RHB Current Account/Savings Account.

No, there aren't any charges.

Yes, due to these security features on the RHB Mobile Banking App:
- Your mobile device is linked to your RHB access (i.e. specific username and password).
- Banking services is protected by a highly secure login procedure.
- Challenge Questions to authenticate transactions that are deemed high risk.
- Sensitive data such as password or transaction information transmitted on public network is protected by secure protocols SSL, TLS and HTTPS.
- Confidential account information is not stored on your mobile device.

For enhanced security, you must set up screen lock to enable DuitNow QR. You can also set a payment limit for an added layer of security.

You can link any of your active RHB Current/Savings Accounts.

Please bear in mind that certain merchant/sellers may only allow payments via credit cards.

Yes, you can.
Yes, you can by tapping 'SAVE/SHARE QR'.

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