DuitNow AutoDebit

DuitNow AutoDebit lets you set up an auto-deduction to billers or merchants after you've provided a one-time consent.

You can register and provide consent for this service via RHB Online Banking. The payments can be made from RHB Current Account/Savings Account, Credit Cards and prepaid cards

Note: Payment via cards are subject to acceptance from billers/merchants.

Log in to RHB Mobile Banking or RHB Online Banking and follow these steps:


  1. Choose 'More' and select DuitNow AutoDebit.
  2. Search for the Biller/Merchant.
  3. Fill in the details and choose 'Next'.
  4. Review the consent enrolment information and submit.
  5. Perform the authorisation on RHB Mobile Banking to complete the consent registration.
  6. You'll receive a notification upon successful registration.

The maximum limit is MYR 50,000. However, it's subject to the DuitNow daily limit that you've set.

Yes, you can update your source of fund and payment expiry date (if merchant allows) via the 'Manage AutoDebit' section.

You'll receive a successful notification on your registered mobile device and Inbox notifications on the app.

To ensure you don't miss any of the notifications, remember to enable push notifications for the RHB Mobile Banking App.

DuitNow AutoDebit termination depends on the merchant/biller and you might need to reach out to them for assistance.

The biller will need to approve the request before deduction.

You can check the request status in the 'Manage AutoDebit' section.

The deduction may be unsuccessful due to the following reasons:


  1. Registered/approved amount is lesser than the current bill.
  2. Insufficient balance in your account.
  3. DuitNow AutoDebit consent registration hasn't been accepted or approved by the biller/merchant.