DuitNow Request

With DuitNow Request, you can request money or payment from anyone by using the payer’s/recipient's bank account number or any DuitNow IDs (e.g. mobile number, MyKad and more).

You can send up to a total of 20 requests including pending requests. After sending the twentieth request, you'll need to ensure that at least one pending request is fulfilled before sending a new one.

The request will expire after 7 days if the payer/recipient does not act on your request. You'll be able to see the expiry date for each request after it's been sent.

You can check and manage all the requests you’ve sent and received via these methods:


  1. Tap the Activity List at the bottom of Home
  2. Tap the hamburger menu, then select Accounts and DuitNow Request

You may choose to either Pay, Reject or Forward the request to someone else.

When you receive a DuitNow Request from someone, you'll be notified via push* and inbox notifications. If your payer/recipient has fulfilled your request, you'll also be notified via the same methods.

*You must allow permission for push notifications on your mobile device on the RHB Mobile Banking App. Push notifications are only available for iOS and Android (Google supported) mobile operating system.

You can request an amount as low as MYR 0.01 and up to a maximum of MYR 50,000* per day.

*This is subjected to a shared limit with DuitNow Transfer and Interbank Transfer.

Yes, you can. To block a requestor from sending you future requests:


  1. When you receive a DuitNow request, reject the request.
  2. After you've rejected the request, on the status screen, tap Block Requestor and you'll be asked if you want to confirm to block that particular requestor.