RHB Online Banking

  1. Visit https://onlinebanking.rhbgroup.com/my/login, enter your username and tap on 'Login'.
  2. Confirm the Secure Word that you set up during registration by tapping on the tick mark to proceed.
  3. Enter your password and tap on 'Login'.


RHB Mobile Banking

  1. For first time login, you'll need to enter your username and password after confirming your Secure Word.
  2. For subsequent login, you may use biometric login or PIN if you've set up Quick Login.

Quick Login lets you log in via fingerprint/Face ID/PIN without your password. Fingerprint or Face ID login leverages on your device's biometric technology.

For security reasons, ensure that only your fingerprint or Face ID is registered on your device.

If you've opted to use PIN, the same method will apply for all the devices you use to log in. Changes to your PIN will be applied across all your devices.

You can perform the following activities with Quick Login:

  1. View account balances, transaction history and Favourites.
  2. Transfer money within your own accounts.
  3. Perform Quick Pay via Quick Links.
  4. Pay via DuitNow QR.
  5. Customise profile picture and account nickname.
  6. Set your default account.

You can manage your login settings in the 'Security' section where you can set your preferred Quick Login method (i.e. fingerprint, Face ID or PIN). Fingerprint and Face ID login are device-specific, but changes made to your PIN will be applied across all your devices.

If you've forgotten your password or unable to login due to multiple wrong password attempts, you may perform self-reset via 'Forgot Password/Unblock Username' on RHB Mobile and Online Banking.

For assistance, contact us via the 'Contact RHB' section.