Embedding Good Practices

Embedding Good Practices

Environmental Stewardship

We are committed to making a positive impact on our environment as we transition towards a greener future. This is done by stepping up our efforts in nurturing our stakeholders by promoting sustainable and environmentally friendly practices to better protect and conserve the environment.

The Group also works hard to raise environmental stewardship awareness among our employees, the people who are vital to the growth and development of RHB. We will strive to incorporate new methods to run our business more efficiently and at the same time, manage our consumption to become a more environmentally conscious organisation.

We hope to continue with initiatives that change our employees perspectives on sustainability principles and practices that can be applied at workplace and beyond. Our efforts are centred on promoting better energy-saving and waste management practices.

Environmental stewardship consists partly of climate change mitigation by managing our operational carbon footprint, which is part of the Group’s pathway to a climate-resilient future. Our targets are:

  1. Carbon emission reduction to carbon neutral by 2030
  2. Scope 1 and 2 emissions reduction by 2026 through various initiatives and offsetting
  3. Reduction in carbon emissions intensity per employee by 45% of baseline by 2026

Operational GHG Emissions

As part of the journey towards a low-carbon future, we aim to achieve carbon neutral operations by 2030. As such, we strive to continuously track, measure and report on our environmental performance, including GHG emissions as well as energy, water and paper consumption. Environmental performance and GHG emission disclosures can be found in our Sustainability Report.

The Group targets to achieve a 45% reduction in carbon emissions intensity by 2026, from baseline year of 2016. Our reduction of operational GHG emissions intensity for 2022 is 42%.