Embedding Good Practices

Embedding Good Practices

Strengthening Data Protection Systems

The Group strengthened its data protection systems by implementing a Data Loss Prevention (“DLP”) solution that controls the sharing of data, by data classification with data encryption, restricting the storage of sensitive information on the cloud and controlling the use of external storage devices.

Our IT and cybersecurity teams continuously monitor and maintain our systems and procedures such that our infrastructure is up to date, competent, and reliable for the purpose of protecting the Group's information assets and customer data. Our key priorities are to maintain confidentiality, ensure integrity of our customer information, and address cyber threats in real time. We have internal controls to manage every piece of information throughout its life cycle of create-process-store-transmit-destruct.

As far as cybersecurity is concerned, RHB is continuously investing and enhancing safeguards to protect the Group’s data and is always on full alert to respond to any cyber threat or attack.

The Board of Directors and Senior Management oversee technology and cybersecurity risk strategy as well as governance of these risks. RHB’s Audit, Compliance, and Risk teams have a hand in reviewing the Group’s IT security procedures.